Agora’s stone-laying ceremony

On September 9th we celebrated the stone-laying for Agora 329A, the future home for DTU Elektro. Jacob Steen Møller welcomed the guest’s and introduced the speakers which were: DTU principal Anders Overgaard Bjarklev, chairman of PowerlabDk’s Steering Committee Preben Jørgensen, undergraduate dean Martin Vigild and DTU Elektro Institut director Kristian Stubkjær.

STAMERS_KONTOR_140909_agora_0377 STAMERS_KONTOR_140909_agora_0342 STAMERS_KONTOR_140909_agora_0326 STAMERS_KONTOR_140909_agora_0324

See more pictures from Agora’s stone-lying ceremony here.
Credit: Stamers kontor

Vibration Coffee

Today we took out our little Coffee Piaggio for a spin, to serve free coffee and croissants to the people effected by the vibrations and noise from the secant piling work at the 220 CFB constructing site. A lot of happy faces came by for a morning coffee, nice to see all of you and thank you for you patience!

foto1nd foto2nd foto3ndFor more pictures go to:


NEWS from building sites 220 and 202

News for the buildings site 220 CFB

The first phase of Secant piling works between building 204 and 221 will be finished by the end of next week. Until the end of next week there is expected be some vibration and noise to the surroundings.

The next phase will be the Sheet piling. Based on experience from previous Sheet Piling works carried out on the new building 202, the sheets will be predrilled to cause less vibrations to the surroundings environments.

The next phase that will be Sheet piling works is expected to commence ultimo September and last until primo November 2014. There upcoming Sheet piling works is expected to cause some degree of noise and vibrations.

They are almost finished with the first part of the walls and pile driving, next step  will be Sheet piling. Based on experience all piles will be predrilled to cause less vibration. The working hours will continue this week  and next week and there will be noise and vibrations.

News for the buildings site 202 Life Science  

From the beginning of this week there where a work process paradigm shift at the construction site of 202 alongside with the concrete works. Now the erection of pre casted concrete elements is commenced and by this the work activity has increased with 3 large mobile cranes plus a more frequent delivery transport activity to the site. This increased working activity will continue until primo January 2015.

This Monday there was a change at the construction site, now the  many concrete element is now in the process to the basic structure of Life Science.

The work  will whit the load-braring construction will be ready at the end of the year /  primo 2015

Everyone must pay attention to the traffic from trucks with element at Henriks Dams Allé

Transforming DTU CFB220

The building fence around project CFB 220 has been decorated with color gradient, a red platform for overviewing the building ground, colored plexiglass windows and hangout to inform about and follow the building process. We encourage you to take a walk around and have a look at the constructing site – until then here is a sneak peak:

Transforming DTU Fence CFB 2IMG_4360.web.RGB 3IMG_4362.web.RGB 4IMG_4419.web.RGB 5IMG_4337.web.RGB 6IMG_4237.web.RGB 7IMG_4266.web.RGB 8IMG_4274.web.RGB 9IMG_4458.web.RGB 10IMG_4295.web.RGB 11IMG_4473.web.RGB

NEWS: Heavy transportation to and from Kemitorvet

Project manager David Klubien has announced that the contractor has had problems with their concrete machine, which means, that they unfortunately not finished their concrete castings as planned. They will therefore have to spend a few days in week 37 to drive the last concrete to CFB site via Kemitorvet.

There will of course be flagman at both ends of the truck, which follow the carriage all the way in and out again, to ensure pedestrians.

We thank you once again for your patience.

NEWS: Establishment of fascine on Elektrovej

In connection with the future construction in the third quadrant, there is a need to establish a fascine, which is used, to collect rainwater and discharge it directly into the ground. The fascine will be established between the two technical houses located on Elektrovej. The work will start during week 37 and will be completed within the course of autumn 2014.

The parking spaces located between the two technical houses will not be vacant during the period. You are referred to the other parking lots on Elektrovej or Avenuén.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact:

Charlotte B. Lindberg:
Bent Michal Andersen: